We represent books for the general market, and we are accepting queries for both.

Please address all queries to: submissions [at]

  • We accept queries by email, no snail mail.
  • Read “What We’re Looking For” below to see if we will consider your project.
  • You don’t need to direct your query to a specific agent, but if you want, you can put your preferred agent’s name in the subject line.

To have your project considered for agency representation, it’s important that you do two things:

  • Make sure you know if your project fits into what we’re looking for, and
  • Read and follow our submission guidelines.

If we are interested in your project, we will be in contact within 60 days or sooner. If we do not think your project is something we can represent, we may or may not be in contact, depending on current workload. We try to respond to all queries. But if you don’t hear from us within 60 days, you can assume it’s a pass.

We represent books for the general market, and we are accepting queries for both.

Please note:
Read Submission Guidelines before sending a query!

Query policy:
While we endeavor to respond to all queries, our policy is that if you do not hear back within 60 days, you can consider it a “pass.” If you follow the guidelines and send the query to the correct email address (submissions [at] , you’ll receive an automated response so you’ll know we received it.


Non Fiction:

If you’re writing nonfiction, we can’t sell it unless you have a platform. If you don’t, you may want to pursue smaller publishers on your own — you don’t need an agent. Only pursue an agent if you have a platform and want to submit to the medium and large publishers.

Non Fiction

  • Books about the intersection of faith and culture
  • Deconstructing and reconstructing faith; asking hard questions about faith
  • Books that grapple with racial issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and all social issues
  • Deeper spirituality, prayer, and devotional books
  • Books about animals
  • Feminism and women’s issues
  • Memoirs about any of the above — must be well-written and the author should have a platform.
  • Family life — interested in really unique and/or extraordinary takes on parenting and family, whether it’s memoir or self-help

Non Fiction


  • Devotionals with depth and originality
  • Should have a definable audience

Adult Fiction: 

  • Full-length: 75,000 to 100,000 words.
  • Contemporary women’s fiction
  • Romance
  • Suspense or romantic suspense
  • Historical or historical romance
  • NOT looking at adult fantasy, sci-fi, or literary fiction

YA Fiction:

  • YA and YA Fantasy, including fairy tale retellings with a unique approach. PLEASE: Make sure your story is tailored for the market, and only submit if you have a strong platform

Gift books:

  • Journals, guided journals, gifty devotionals
  • Other gift-type books for occasions such as graduation


  • NO children’s or middle grade. YA fiction only.

What are we NOT looking at?

  • Cookbooks
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Novellas
  • Screenplays
  • Graphic novels

See our Submission Guidelines for more info.


Submit your query via email to: submissions [at]

See “How to Write a Query Letter” below. All queries should include:

  1. A pitch for the book;
  2. Information about you and your platform
  3. The first 3 to 5 pages of the manuscript pasted into the email.

All information must be in the email, as we do NOT open attachments and we do NOT click on links.


  • The query letter is a short pitch (equivalent to one page, about three to six paragraphs).
  • You can find information on how to write queries and proposals by scrolling down this page. You can also click on the Resources page (Your Path to Publishing) under the heading, “Submitting.”
  • You can query when you have a completed book proposal and three sample chapters for nonfiction, or a completed manuscript for fiction. See “How to Write a Book Proposal” below.
  • In the query, make sure you tell us a little about yourself, enough to let us know why YOU are the person to write this book.


  • Please also include the first three to five (or so) pages of your manuscript pasted in to the body of the email.
  • Don’t include any attachments to the email—they won’t be opened.
  • Include links to your website and/or social media platforms after your signature line.
  • Please remember this is your first writing sample and it may be your only chance to WOW us… so write your query accordingly. There are numerous books, websites, and blogs on how to write great queries (including here on our website).
  • If we are interested in your project, we’ll respond by requesting a proposal or a full manuscript. You will be expected to send it via email in a single Word attachment.
  • We DO accept simultaneous submissions.


  • We do not take unsolicited pitches by phone.
  • Always make sure your e-mail address and phone number are clearly visible no matter what you are sending.
  • No snail mail queries. Email only.
  • When you send email attachments in response to our request, please consolidate into ONE attachment. Don’t have separate chapters in separate files.

There is copious information on this site to help you prepare query letters and book proposals. Please go to the Resources page (Your Path to Publishing) to find the information you need.

Thanks for visiting our site!